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About Kiddie Korner Day Care Center
The objectives of a good nursery program are to create a warm, healthy and happy environment where small children can grow and develop emotionally and cognitively as well as physically.

At Kiddie Center we strive to do this in a most professional and caring manner. Additionally, we endeavor to impart a love and flair for the beauty of our religion and culture, as well as nurture and develop faith and trust in G-d. We hope to inculcate a love for Israel, all things Jewish and an involvement in the performance of the mitzvot (good deeds) of the Torah. Ivrit - Hebrew language - is used in both formal and informal instruction and becomes a part of the daily routine, as well as holiday fun and games.

About Child Care Center
In early childhood, the seeds of learning, Jewish identity, curiosity and caring are planted. Our program spans a period of intense personal, social and academic growth. Young children develop at different paces. Our teachers are sensitive to the wide range of abilities and developmental levels within this age group. They offer creative activities that fit into the broad developmental continuum represented by the students.
One of the scariest things I’ve done, in my life as a mom, is leave my baby in someone else’s care – I am so lucky that I found Miriam Vaisfiche and Kiddie Center.  Now 2, my daughter has been nurtured and cared for by Kiddie Center’s team of loving teachers and caregivers since she was four months old.  She goes off happily to school each morning, and I am confident that each day she will be encouraged, challenged and loved. - S.

My twins flourished at Kiddie Center.  When they began school they were behind in speaking and painfully shy around other children.  At Kiddie they were embraced and loved and it brought out the best in both kids.  Their vocabularies developed exponentially.  They made real friendships.  They gained a ton of confidence.  Sending them to Kiddie was the best decision we made. - M I.

Our son has been cared for at Kiddie since he was 2 months old! We couldn't imagine a better place for a growing kid to flourish. The protectiveness of the staff towards the children is passionate and personal -- we always felt that we were leaving him in hands as good as (or even in some instances better than) our own. The children at Kiddie are known and loved for who they are and encouraged to be imaginative, friendly, kind and free. - Riki M

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Upcoming events
Dec. 14, 2017
Join us inside the mall near Saks Fifth Ave for a Grand Menorah Lighting, Children's show, jelly donuts, dreidels and more.
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