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Welcome to the Jewish Business Network of Melville




Aside for having breakfasts and roundtables included in the cost of your membership, members also have a number of additional benefits, including: 

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1.  Membership List: Listed on the JBN membership list online and in bi monthly magazine


2. VIP Receptions: Members are always invited to join an exclusive VIP Reception prior to events.

3.  Access Portal: Members have access to an internal messaging system, where they can RSVP for events, meet other members online, and connect with members prior/after attending an event.

4.  Guests: As a member, your will receive a complimentary guest pass (for a colleague or friend) to every summit you attend.

5.  Industries Roundtables: Members meet for a small group mentoring session with a leading CEO in their industry. Roundtables are an intimate forum with prominent business leaders, followed by an intimate Q&A discussion led by the speaker.


6. CEO Club: Membership of exclusive CEO club, with gold membership.

Membership: Being on the mailing list does not make one a JBN member. One does not have to be a JBN member to attend a Breakfast - you can purchase breakfast tickets on an event-by-event basis (individual ticket prices start at $54). Non-members are unable to attend the CEO Mentoring and roundtables.

Membership packages contact JBN for information.

JBN Membership Levels:
Silver: Includes all breakfast and industry events plus business listing.
Gold: Includes all silver, and CEO Club membership features.
Diamond: Annual Corporate Sponsor